National Park Alerce Andino - Walking tour "Alerce milennial"

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visited in this tour:
Puerto Montt - National Park Alerce Andino
5-8 hours depending on what time the group comes ashore and at what time the ship leaves.
Nissan X-Trail.
Tour starts:
As soon as all the tourists go ashore, we immediately start the tour. Taking into account that the cruise ship is in port only for a few hours, we start the tour no later than 10:00
At the latest, one hour before departure of the last ship tender; the excursion can be reduced, if necessary.

Your tour begins in the port and industrial city of Puerto Montt. This city is also known as the "northern door to Patagonia", because many trips through the south of Chile and to Patagonia start here. The first settlers came to Puerto Montt and neighboring areas from Germany more than 150 years ago. Here we'll visit the main square, the cathedral and the scenic lookout Manuel Montt, which has a panoramic view of Reloncavi Sound and the city.
Then we will go to Alerce Andino National Park - humid evergreen millennial forest. There we will walk for about 5 miles (8 kilometers). Alerce or Fitzroya is one of the unique species of evergreen trees growing only in this corner of the globe - in the northern Patagonia. Some specimens are dated as 4000 years old. Fitzroya is considered one of the largest trees in South America.
After visiting the park we will have lunch and return to Puerto Montt. Passengers may ride directly to the port or remain at the Angelmo Handicraft Fair. This market is famous for local handicrafts and fresh seafood, and is a five minute walk from the port.

* It's recommended to bring a small backpack, water, jacket, protective suncream, sunglasses, hat, shoes or trekking boots.

Price from 90 USD per person

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